Students Design

Ventura Lambrate
April 12th–17th 2016



Inspired by the exquisite art of decadent food, students of Tomas Bata University in Zlin developed a concept that revolves around the process of nourishment. While most people consider it a social activity, eating could very well be perceived as quite the opposite: namely a moment of intimacy and pleasure. The exhibition is created in a specific way that recreates such a moment and instills the feeling of “receiving" nourishment in the viewer. This year’s concept also references to EXPO 2015’s slogan “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” by emphasizing the actual process of feeding a person.

Utilizing modified cutlery to feed one another, participants have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone through the act of feeding. The exhibition offers a selection of Czech kolaches and the world-renowned Bohemian pastries, which have served as the underlying inspiration for the Who first? exhibition.


The Faculty of Multimedia Communications is one of the six faculties of the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic. Besides the art, on-site studies also cover humanities or natural sciences, economics and technology. On the menu of the exhibition Who first? have participated students from all branches of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications - from graphic, clothing and product design, through spatial and audiovisual production and advertising photography to marketing communications. Our students and graduates are also world known, because they regularly win prestigious awards (Cannes Young Lions, Red Dot Award, Young Package or Staged Design Award).

We are honoured to be the part of Milan Design Week for the fourth time in a row!
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